Girls Club Lacrosse- Evaluation Clinic

GIRLS CLUB LACROSSE- EVALUATION CLINIC Evaluation Clinic Saturday April 22nd at PrimeTime Sports Center For Summer and Fall 2017 Lady Penguins Seasons Grad Years: 2023-2026    Ι    5:30pm-6:30pm    Ι    Check In Time: 5:15pm Grad Years: 2018-2022    Ι    6:30pm-7:30pm    Ι    Check In Time: 6:15pm Please CLICK HERE to register[…]

Meet the Lady Penguins

MIA FAZENDEIRO Mia joined the Lady Penguins 2023/2024 Team this past fall and joined us through our winter training sessions. Mia has a fun loving spirit that appears to be contagious amongst her teammates. I was able to catch up with Coach Regina who was thrilled to comment on one of her penguins: Mia has[…]

Multi-Sport Participation

MULTI-SPORT PARTICIPATION One of the biggest debates that has been pushed to the surface of today’s youth sports culture is whether athletes are better off to specialize in just one sport or to engage is multi-sport participation. Due to outside influences from parents, coaches, teammates, prospective schools, and club sports, it should come as no[…]

Meet the Lady Penguins

MEGHAN YOUNGREN Meghan Youngren joined the Lady Penguins 2021/2022 Team this past fall and brought with her an enthusiastic spirit. Coach Ashlee comments on Meghan’s love for defense as well as passion for the game: “Meghan always brings full intensity and energy to every practice and game. She is confident on defense and is eager[…]

Preseason Preparation Tips

PRESEASON PREPARATION TIPS Any coach of any sports team will agree it is crucial to having a successful upcoming season to put in the time during preseason to prepare yourself. If you participate in sports all year round, you’re one step ahead as you’ve kept your body in shape and ready to compete. If your[…]

Meet the Lady Penguins

BRYCE LANE Bryce joined the Rising Lady Penguins 2025/2026 Team this past fall and dominated the defensive end of the field. We had a chance to catch up with Coach Bridget who was thrilled to rave about one of her penguins: “Bryce is one of the fiercest competitors on the team. Her work ethic and[…]